An Introduction


As a hairstylist,

it's hard to feel like you can make a difference in the world. Exposed to countless distractions and voices telling everyday people what beauty is supposed to be (and instructing them on how to obtain it) it's easy for clients to become overwhelmed, to feel left out and personally judged.  

Juan José is a Chicago based Hair & Bridal Stylist who works to empower clients of all kinds. He is driven not by the beauty that his work creates, but by the positive energy that fills his clients when they feel beautiful. His mission is to help them reveal their everyday beauty and to achieve radiance on their wedding day.

As a stylist for twenty years, Juan José worked working the premier Chicagoland Salon, first starting in the burbs, then moving to it's A-list Michigan Avenue digs. Juan loved the innumerable client encounters at the salon and grew with each personal transformation he helped bring about.





It all started when...

In 2017 Juan José left the comforts of his Michigan Avenue salon to focus on his personal artistry, explore more profound and meaningful connections with clients, and to fulfill his ultimate potential as a stylist. 

Today, Juan José works with Brides, Private Clients, Photographers, and at a variety of events from Fashion Focus Chicago, The Makeup Show, and Fashion Week, helping everyone look and feel their best. He has traded hands with thousands of people throughout his career and continuously finds himself in awe of those who sit in his chair.